What We Do At Family Care Ministries

Josh Lytle (left) of Family Care Ministries speaking on addictions at a recent seminar. The man on the right is Mike Russell, and he is about to give his personal testimony about being set free from heroin addiction.

Josh Lytle speaking at a seminar

Family Care Ministries works with court systems, churches, jails, and community to teach this curriculum to those struggling with life controlling problems and we have seen tremendous success.

Family Care Ministries also holds seminars explaining the reality of addiction but also the hope that comes through Jesus Christ.

Here is a listing of classes we offer; contact us for information about the next sessions.

  • On-Line Video Training Classes - We offer on-line classes for those people who do not live in the area or who are unable to attend a class in person. The video training classes are live streamed, interactive sessions with as few as one person, or as many people who are wanting to join.
  • Discovering God's Design For You - Only you can make the choice to grow and overcome the struggles or hurts in your life. This class can help you do that. We discuss faith, how to build excellence for life, and learn to know the difference between feelings and truth. We encourage you to practice self-control and to persevere in the struggles of life over 8 weeks.
  • Discovering Freedom - Come and learn the truth to be transformed. Gain victory over alcohol, drugs and various other addictions in this 8-week course.
  • Anger, Your Master Or Your Servant? - This 9-week class deals with the emotion of anger and how to handle it in a proper, God-given way.
  • You, A Journey To The Center Of Your Worth - This class is fundamental to living the purpose- packed life that God has in store for you!
  • Various Other Classes - As described above, classes are tailored to the needs of each individual and can include various topics.