Testimonials About Family Care Ministries

We are blessed by some wonderful things people have said about Family Care Ministries, and we share a few of them on this page:

  • Pattie, Student of Family Care Ministries - "I came to Family Care Excellence for help because I was an alcoholic. Family Care leads you directly to the Word of God for healing and victory. I began to see through His Word how much God loves me and wants to have a relationship with me. I'm beginning to see myself as He sees me - the masterpiece that He made me to be. I started a true relationship with Jesus! Through Family Care and the Word of God, I've begun a journey filled with freedom. Freedom from shame, fear, guilt; freedom from my addiction! I begin each day knowing God's love and forgiveness for me through Jesus Christ. This journey will last a lifetime, but I know if I continue to seek Him daily, I will have victory with Jesus!"

  • Katie Long, Toronto City School Nurse, Jefferson County, Ohio - "Josh and Family Care Ministries' school program is absolutely amazing! We were absolutely blessed to have them come to our school and speak with our 6th-12th grade students. They are blessing others and really hitting home for some of our adolescents. Drugs are everywhere but it's the decisions that YOU make that impact YOUR future."

  • More testimonials coming soon!