Testimonials About Family Care Ministries

We are blessed by some wonderful things people have said about Family Care Ministries, and we share a few of them on this page:

  • Teresa - "My name is Teresa and l have been transformed! As a child I was molested by a family member, so I've always had low self—esteem. I hated myself and I began smoking marijuana in high school. I met my high school sweetheart and we had a beautiful daughter, however, we fought and we broke up. I begin going out a lot more and I met someone and the relationship started great, but his hands quickly became the hands that began breaking my temple. Years of physical, mental and sexual abuse led me to my first time using. Crack cocaine numbed anything bad I had ever felt and blocked everything good. It flipped me upside down and inside out, my world was crumbling before my very eyes and if I had my drug it didn't matter. I tried to help myself by going to NA meetings and even a rehab and it didn't work.

    I heard about Family Care Ministries so I called and left a message. I had no idea that the return call would be the beginning of my new life. I met with Josh Lytle and gave him a quick version of what was going on in my life and his spoken words were he was going to help me by sharing the truth. It was the truth of the Bible, God's word, and since then I've been going to Family Care, meeting with Alyssha and studying the Bible. So many good things are happening today in my life and I'm learning how to live without the use of drugs. And learning to live with no shame, no guilt and I'm learning to love myself. Jesus lifted me higher than I ever imagined and I am thankful that he died on the cross for me! That he loves me no matter how big my baggage is. There is no doubt in my mind it was Jesus who led me to Family Care and everyone there! I love living for Jesus and I won't ever stop wanting to please him! Thank you Jesus!"

  • Alyssha - "November 2015, I was rushed to the hospital from Columbiana County Jail. I was withdrawing so bad from heroin that I went into premature labor. That was at the end of a 14-year addiction. My life at this point was chaos. Realizing addiction had taken my kids, my license, my car, my freedom. The only thing I was living for was another shot of dope, just to be able to function. I was broken, homeless and hopeless. An East Liverpool police officer shared with me that I could turn my mess into a miracle! On May 3, 2016, I went to Teen Challenge of The Firelands dope sick and withdrawing. After two days, they took me to the hospital for fluids. They laid hands on me and prayed for me and the very next morning I was up! I remember feeling a weight gone. I started falling in love with Jesus! I felt free for the first time in my life, and I knew I never wanted to go back. I felt accepted, loved and hopeful that the huge hole I had dug myself wasn’t too big for Jesus to pull me out of. Since graduating Teen Challenge, my family has been restored and I am working with Family Care Ministries to help people see that their lives can be changed just like mine!"

  • Glenn - "A little over 6 months ago I reached the most hopeless, helpless, desperate point in my 17 year struggle with addiction. Heroin had managed to kill me for the 3rd time in a 6 week period. After the doctors brought me back this final time, they had a sobering and very serious talk with me. The doctors said they lacked the resources to use on a habitual OD'er like me, and in the future they would not even try to resuscitate me. The doctors and my family assumed I had a death wish, because I had let heroin completely take over my life. I had already lost everything including a very close call where I almost lost my left arm. Now heroin was working on taking my life every chance I gave it. The doctors and the great men of the East Liverpool Police Department had told my parents about this man Josh Lytle and Family Care Ministries. They described his program and his success and his story, and I remember thinking, "If it could only be true." Up until that point, I thought I would be an addict until the day heroin finally killed me. A few days later that would all change when I called Josh Lytle for the first time. I had a lot of addict skepticism, but Josh and I talked for awhile and I started feeling hope. I felt, "This guy not only understands me but he truly wants to help me." A few days later my father and I went to Family Care to meet with Josh face to face. I left there not only finding hope, but also the drive to follow this man's plan, and I have met with Josh each week since. Family Care literally gave me my life back, and they also gave my family so much as well. Without Josh and Family Care's plan and program I wouldn't be writing this today. I'd simply be another dead addict in the news. I thank God and Josh and Family Care Ministries for giving us suffering people another chance at life. If this addict can make it because Josh and Family Care helped me, I know so many others can also be saved."

  • Aubrey - "When I came to Family Care two months ago I was broken! Since then I totally surrendered my life to Jesus and He's so amazing that He set me free from an 11-year heroin addiction, healed me of Hep C, and is restoring my relationship with my family! He has given me a peace and hope like I've never known!"

  • Pattie, Student of Family Care Ministries - "I came to Family Care for help because I was an alcoholic. Family Care leads you directly to the Word of God for healing and victory. I began to see through His Word how much God loves me and wants to have a relationship with me. I'm beginning to see myself as He sees me - the masterpiece that He made me to be. I started a true relationship with Jesus! Through Family Care and the Word of God, I've begun a journey filled with freedom. Freedom from shame, fear, guilt; freedom from my addiction! I begin each day knowing God's love and forgiveness for me through Jesus Christ. This journey will last a lifetime, but I know if I continue to seek Him daily, I will have victory with Jesus!"

  • Katie Long, Toronto City School Nurse, Jefferson County, Ohio - "Josh and Family Care Ministries' school program is absolutely amazing! We were absolutely blessed to have them come to our school and speak with our 6th-12th grade students. They are blessing others and really hitting home for some of our adolescents. Drugs are everywhere but it's the decisions that YOU make that impact YOUR future."